96 Fibers Inline Splice Closure for Optical Fiber Cable

  • Aging resistance: thermal, thermal radiation, air, ozone has good stability.
  • Corrosion resistance: Acid, Salt, Oxidants, Aliphatic hydrocarbons, which are strong anti-resistance.
  • Sealing Technology: Using reusable open-type seal assembly, in order to ensure good airtight waterproof performance.
  • Mechanical properties: the ability to endure harsh conditions such as vibration, impact, tensile cable distortion, and strong temperature changes.
  • Locking devices: no special tools, easy to install and repeat the open.


Witdh (mm) 445
Height (mm) 220
Depth(mm) 105mm
Splice 12/24/48/96
IP ip68
Input Cable Dimension 2x15mm
Output Cable Dimension 4x10mm
Weight 0.3KG
Types of Fiber G652/G657
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