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mini ip67 sc apc drop cable pigtail optical fiber g657 LSZH waterproof ftth pigtail


* Mini SC Connector contains an adaptor and inner connector as the basis for coupling inside the adaptor/connector housing.
* The product ensures reliability and compatibility with a wide range of SC, LC and MPO connectors currently on the market.
* Products have been designed and tested to meet the stringent requirements necessary in environmental protection for outdoor application.
* The connecting is safe and reliable. Also have the functions of waterproof, dustpoof and fireproof,This connectors widely used in FTTA, Base station, and the outdoor waterpoof condition.
* And more this cable assemblies have passed tests like salt mist, vibration and shock and meet protection class IP67.
1.Cost effective solution for in house termination.
2. IP67 Water immersion and Dust protection for hash environment ·
3. Chemical Resistance
4. Simple assembly requiring no special tools ·
5. Push-pull insertion with bayonet-style mechanical latch provides easy installation and removal.
6. Durable mechanical mating, minimum of 500 matings.
7. Wide range of operational temperature for outside plant -40 to+85°C.
8. SC/APC IL<0.3 typically.
9.100% optically tested to ensure quality performance assemblies.
Technical data
GR-3120, GR-3152, IEC61753-1, IEC 61754-4
Insertion loss
Return loss
≤ 0.1
≤ 0.2
≥ 1000 times
Dust Cap Max. Pulling Force
Water Resistance
Operating temperature
-40℃ to + 85℃
Storage Temperature
-40 to 85°C


compact size, easy to operate, durable
Easy connection to hardened adapters on terminals or closures
Reduce welding, connect directly to achieve interconnection
IP67 water and dust protection
Spiral clamping mechanism ensures long-term reliable connection
Guide mechanism, can be blinded with one hand, simple and quick, connect and install
Seal design: It is waterproof, dust-proof, anti-corrosion and so on.

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