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144-Fiber Dome Splice Closure FSCD-144A


144-Fiber Dome Splice Closure is dome type fiber optic splice closures, made of excellent engineering plastics. Welink supply different ports types, fittings and different fiber optic core numbers for horizontal fiber optic splice closures, welink inline Splice Closure is suitable for protecting optical fiber splices in straight through and branching applications, and can be used in aerial, duct and direct buried fiber optic cable projects.

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Dimensions and Capacity
Outside Dimensions (L*W*H) 454mm*187mm*130mm
Weight (excluding outside box) 2300g – 2500g
Number of Inlet / Outlet Ports 3 pieces on each side (total 6 pieces)
Diameter of Fiber Cable Φ5mm – Φ20mm
Capacity of FOSC Bunchy: 12 cores – 96 cores
Ribbon: up to 144 cores


Main Components
Name of Components Quantity Usage Remarks
Housing 1 set Protecting fiber cable splices in whole Internal diameter: 454*187*130(mm)
Earthing Deriving Device 1 set Deriving metallic components of fiber cable in the FOSC for earthing connection Configuration as per requirement
Splice Tray (FOST) Max. 6 pieces (bunchy)
or 6 pieces (ribbon)
Fixing heat shrink protective sleeve and holding fibers Bunchy: 12, 24 (cores)
Ribbon: 6 pieces
Foundation 1 set Fixing fiber cable, reinforced core and FOST N/A
Seal Fitting 1 set Sealing between FOSC cover and FOSC bottom N/A
Port Plug 6 pieces Sealing empty ports N/A


Main Accessories and Special Tools
Name of Components Quantity Usage Remarks
Heat Shrink Protective Sleeve N/A Protecting fiber splices Configuration as per capacity
Nylon Tie N/A Fixing fiber with protective coat Configuration as per capacity
Insulation Tape 1 roll Enlarging diameter of fiber cable for easy fixing N/A
Seal Tape 1 roll Enlarging diameter of fiber cable which fits in with seal fitting Configuration as per specification
Hanging Hook 1 set For aerial use N/A
Earthing Wire 1 piece Putting through between earthing devices Configuration as per requirement
Abrasive Cloth 1 piece Scratching fiber cable N/A
Labeling Paper 1 piece Labeling fiber N/A
Special Wrench 3 piece Fixing bolts, tightening nut of reinforced core N/A
Desiccant 1 bag Put into FOSC before sealing for desiccating air Configuration as per requirement
Buffer Tube Customized Hitched to fibers and fixed with FOST, managing buffer Configuration as per requirement


Shipping Information
Specification Carton Size Capacity Net Weight Remarks
Inner Box 475mm*195mm*127mm 1 pc 2.4kg – 2.6kg Configuration as per weight
Outer Box 615mm*480mm*410mm 9 pcs 21.6kg – 23.4kg Configuration as per weight


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