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96-Ports Fiber Optic Distribution Box OFDB-96A


96-Ports Outdoor Fiber Optical Distribution Box OFDB-96A  is an optical connection box that allows segregation in the corresponding plant of the vertical distribution cable of the building allowing the fast and direct connection of individual optical connections on demand to the customers’ homes.

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l Variety of installation applications.
l Two double riser cable ports.
l Up to 16 drop cables.
l Drop cables are terminated individually.
l Optimized Fiber management.
l Quick and easy installation.
l Free breathing enclosure for indoor use.
l In line and butt configuration possible for main cable.

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Dimensions and Capability
Adapter Capacity 96XSC
Dimensions (W*H*D) 550mm*500mm*150mm
Number of Cable Entrance Max Diameter 12mm*Q2,
Number of Cable Exit Max Diameter Up to 8 Drop Cables
Weight 0.7 KG
Optional Accessories Heat Shrink Tubes, Optical Splitter, Splice Tray
Installation Wall-Mounted or Pole-Mounting


Operation Conditions
Temperature -40℃ — 60℃
Humidity 93% at 40℃
Air Pressure 62kPa – 101kPa


Shipping Information
Package Contents Terminal box, 1 unit; Keys for lock, 2 keys; Wall mount accessories: 1 set. Optional: fusion sleeves, pigtail protection tube, insulating tape, plastic strip, magic Velcro strip, and indoor cable sheath.
Package Dimensions(W*H*D) 500 mm*450 mm*210 mm
Material Carton Box
Weight 1.3 KG
Lead Time 10-15 working days normally


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