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KINOPTIC verthor Patch Floor distribution Box – Nexans


The VertHor is designed to manage the riser cable distribution towards subscribers’ home for FTTH deployments. It manages fibers’ path from the riser cable to the adapters and has different coiling areas. The VertHor Patch can be used with patchcords or preterminated cables.
The main functions are:
 To manage fiber extraction on demand.
 To manage and protect the splices.
 To connect through adapters (patching).

Product range
Aesthetic and ergonomic, this product range is built through a universal body base and a cover. A storage tray and 2 patching trays of 6 SC adapters complete the set. The VertHor gives the possibility of working in a horizontal or vertical way.
Cable fixing
The riser cable is fixed on the left or on the right, thanks to plastic tie-raps (the strength members can also be fixed together with the Kevlar).
Fiber management
In the body, a coiling area manages tubes, bundles or 900μm fibers. In the center, a coiling zone is dedicated to pigtail.

Optical patching
When the pigtails are spliced, the connectors can be plugged in the patch panel, inside the VertHor.
The patch panel is then ready to receive preterminated cables or patchcords, outside the VertHor. The range can include up to 12 SC adapters (contact us for others terminations)


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