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Digital Distribution Frame DDF-02


Digital Distribution Frame DDF-02 Adopting 75 Q coax connector and impedance conversion chip, the DDF-02 distribution products provide convenient 75 Q /120 Q convert function, suitable for connection between different impedants of telecom room and transit room.


  • General frame suit for assembling different pattern unit
  • Abundant operation space, large cpacity
  • Unique structure convenient for frame combination and extension Interchangeable & expansible units have dust cover
  • 90• rotatable position structure for easy cable fixing and termination
  • Using 75o coax connector & impedance convert chip reducing the space
  • Offer online test & monitor
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Model Specification Configurable Capacity Remarks
DDF-02 2600x600x450 4000 systems, with 20 ZH01D Double-sides


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